Sunday, April 15, 2012

My latest quilt.  "Megan's Buttons and Bows".  Machine pieced.  Machine embroidered. Machine quilted. Machine bound.  Hand is a 4 letter word to me.  :-)
It began with 6" squares sewn into HSTs and then into the Bow Tie blocks that were squared to 4.5 inches making them 4" in the finished quilt.  A few of the squares were machine embroidered with buttons prior to being sewn into rows.  The buttons were placed randomly in the pattern.  My son, Landon, helped me with the layout.  In the picture of the squares before being sewn together there is an error in the pattern.  Can you find it?  Yes, I fixed it (Landon found it).  He has a good eye.
Yes, there is a "surprise" square in the pattern.  The backing is flannel.  The batting is Warm and Natural.  The heavy machine quilting, done on my Husqvarna/Viking Designer II, is a random swirl pattern on the rows and a meandering pattern on the borders.  It measures 36 x 40.

Adapted from this tutorial on Diary of a Quilter