Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quilted Bag

Fabric choices. Can you tell BLUE is my favorite color??

 I like lots of pockets!!
 The main bag piece, the sides and the large outside pocket are quilted, by ME. 
Inside pockets too.  One on each end and one on the inside front.  More!!
This is a BIG bag. Can go to the beach or to a quilt show!!
It has already been to the beach.  Can hold 4 large towels, or one small child
Yes, this was the bag I was going to enter in Purse Palooza. I missed the deadline, OH WELL.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cathedral Window Pincushion! Link to the tutorial: Very fun to make. Can't wait to try other fabric combinations!! I think I may keep this one!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In another part of my life I am an Oncology Nurse Practitioner. Lilly Pharmaceuticals sponsors an art competition for anyone affected by Cancer. Patients, survivors, caregivers, family, friends and health care workers. (I think this covers everyone.) It is called Lilly Oncology on Canvas. This is a link to the website. The piece above is on its way to New York City to be judged in the competition. It is in the mixed media category and is acrylic and fabric on canvas. The title is "Out of Darkness and Fire Comes a New Day". It is in honor and in memory of all the young adults that I have had the pleasure to care for during my Oncology career. They are just beginning their lives when life is interrupted. First Prize winners get $10,000.00 donated to the cancer related charity of his/her choice. Wow, that would be cool. Many of the entries will go on tour of hospitals and cancer centers around the country. Let me know what you think.