Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shell Art

Since being in Florida I have found a passion for seashells. I like all of them. Pristine and perfect. Broken and fossilized. I am fortunate to have one of the top shelling beaches in Florida about 12 miles from my home. Honeymoon Island State Park.
Although Sanibel and Captiva are better known, there are abundant shells on Honeymoon Island. I have been trying to go "shelling" at least once a month. Winter is a great time. Low tides are best. Each outing yields at least one bucket full of "treasure". I love bringing them home, cleaning and sorting them. 
I have learned much about shells and shelling from The blogger is Pam Rambo and her husband Clark. They live in Sanibel, FL and have a cult following in the shelling world.
 I have started using my shells and sea life in frames, boxes and other art creations. Here is one of the latest.. These are 6" square 1.5" deep commercially prepared burlap stretched over wood, as canvas would be. The shells are natural and handpicked by ME :)
I plan to list them in my Etsy shop.
I think they make a great group.