Saturday, May 17, 2014

       Blogger's Quilt Festival 

I am excited to enter the Bloggers Quilt festival. Blogger's Quilt Festival
I will enter The Quilt That Took Forever in the
Modern Quilt Category.
If you love quilts this is the ultimate "sit down, grab a cuppa, curl up with a quilt, and enjoy kind of Festival.
If you are a quilter. You really should enter. It is sooo easy. Write a post this week and link up!!!


  1. I LIKE this ! Simple, but STRONG ! Beautiful !

  2. Very cool - love how the blue makes it look like water running down a rock face!

  3. Dropped by from Blogger's Quilt Festival, totally agree with Citric Sugar and love the random yellow block it pulls the eye back to the bottom right of the quilt :D

  4. I love that blue stripe down the middle! Awesome!

  5. This quilt makes a statement, comfort, beauty, peace. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A strong design - and that one yellow block was a great thought