Saturday, May 17, 2014

 Megan's Buttons and Bows

This is my second entry in the Blogger's quilt festival. 
2014 I will enter in the Home Machine Quilted category. 
This was made for a very special young lady. The "Buttons" are machine embroidery for safety and permanence :)
There is one "surprise" block. Yes, it was intentional and I like to do that in many of my quilts. 
This is a great festival. Thanks Amy!!


  1. Pretty quilt, but I didn't find the surprise .

  2. Agh ! Now I did......the one with 4 different triangles . Clever. I like to do things like that !

  3. Those buttons are cute as a button! What a nice touch.

  4. Very cute! I absolutely love the buttons.