Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sewing Space

My Sewing Space

I have lived in my current home in the Tampa, FL area for about 15 months. My studio for quilting, sewing and crafting is my "living room". 
I wanted it to look reasonably attractive but also there was a list of 
Must Have features. 

Cutting Table

I have seen many of these great DIY cutting tables on Pinterest. 

Mine was made by using 2 bookshelves from the K store. Then I bought a table top from IKEA. It is attached with L-brackets. Measures 
30w x 48l x 36h. Makes life so much easier. 
The shelves are filled with boxes for storage.

Shelving Units

For storage we had bookshelf units that were in my boys rooms when they were growing up. I would love to paint these but haven't taken the time. 
I bought some boxes and store a lot of my fabric there.

I store craft supplies in the drawers. I also have 2 drawers full of machine embroidery thread.
Sewing Machine Table

For a Loonnnngggg time I wanted a table made so that the bed of my machine could sit flush with the table top. I had looked into buying several tables from big box stores or thrift stores, but had an ah-ha moment when I saw my son's old computer desk. The machine sits on the keyboard drawer and it is a dream to sew on. 

There are file cabinets on either side. On one sits my serger, under the cover, and the other provides additional space to support quilts. Patterns and other supplies are in the files. 


No pictures here. LOL. Let's just say it has several WIPs on it right now. It is 
L-shaped and has my computer and 2 other machines.

It is far from perfect and not always as organized as I would like but, I am working on it. Leave me comments and link to your sewing space.


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  1. Using bookshelves to make your cutting table is a fabulous idea! And the sewing machine flush with the table must be great to sew with.