Monday, August 18, 2014

Grey X Pillows Cover, Finish!!

Grey Pillow Cover Finish

After piecing this, I was in a quandary. How shall I quilt this piece. I had been practicing some McTavishing on my Vintage Singer 237. Was it time to try it on a "real" project?  Guess so.
Update. I have had several comments regarding McTavishing. It is named for its creator Karen McTavish, award winning quilter and author.

Also, my guild mate Katherine Ringo has a great youtube video that explains the technique.

I am pleased to have this project featured by Pam from:

 Threading My Way_Featured

I did my version of McTavishing in 2 quadrants and alternating squiggly lines in the other 2.

Each quadrant was quilted with a single piece of (top) thread. Except, of course some of it was cut off in the squaring and resizing process. ;).
I also debated about how to finish the pillow cover. When I finished the piecing and took it to show and tell at the Tampa Modern Quilt Guild, I felt it was, well, boring.  So, I began to think how to finish it off to have a nice accent. I like to use orange for my accent but I was thinking in another direction on this one.
 I found some fabulous green and light grey by Art Gallery Fabrics at my fabulous LQS, Crafty Threads and decided on a 1/4 inch piping. 

 That is a shadow in the lower right, oops. 

I will take some other pictures soon when it is stuffed with a pillow form. Please leave me a comment to let me know that you have stopped by.
Thanks, ellen
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  1. I like McTavishing too. Great job! How long did it take you?

    1. The first section was over several days, a bit at a time. The second section took about 30-45 min. Would love to have you as a follower.

  2. Beautiful quilting, Ellen!!! I had to Google McTavishing. Maybe one day my skills will be to a level when I can attempt something like your cushion cover.

    1. Hi Ellen, I've featured your cushion today...

    2. Thank you so much Pam! Check out my new links on the post concerning McTavishing.

  3. Would like to learn more about McTavishing. Using one thread?

    1. Joy,
      Thanks for stopping. I have updated the post with some links regarding McTavishing. What I means about one thread was that It was all quilted free motion without cutting the threads and starting in another spot. The video links can explain it better.