Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Year of the SCRAP

My first post in a while. Thank you to anyone who stops by. I know the year has been "in progress" for over 2 months now, but, I have declared 2017 the "Year of the Scrap" in my house. 

I had some "Christmas money" and, of course, it would go to quilting tools and/or supplies. I had been thinking about a die cutting machine for some time. So, I did some online research (shopping) and decided on a Sizzix Machine. The hard part was which one. The Big Shot takes 6" wide dies. The larger Big Shot Plus will take up to 12". So, I went Big, or Big Plus I should say. 

This was the start of the "Year of the Scrap". I am a little bit frugal (cheap) so I decided I would use the Sizzix to bust a large portion of my scraps into usable pieces and turn those into quilts. 

This is how I justified the cost in my own head. I wouldn't buy fabric this year. That rule has a few exceptions that include: Background fabric (solid or other), as well as anything Carolyn Friedlander or Kate Spain. There will probably be other exceptions. I just ordered a great solid bundle of modern solids from Craftsy. Another exception will be sale items from my LQSs. 

Now, scrappy is a bit hard for me. I try to make sure the colors blend and that there are not 2 pieces from the same color family next to each other; You get it. Doesn't make much since because I really like scrappy quilts. 

I have read from some of the scrap quilting guru's out there that you should save any scrap that is 1.5 inches square or larger. I made this my rule. I also decided that i would try to get the largest piece possible from each individual scrap up to 5" square. That may change. 

I have discovered a few things since starting this year long project. 
1. Scrap busting is really messy.
2. Quilting is messy but scrap quilting is REALLY messy.
3. Scraps grow.
4. It takes a lot of 1.5" pieces to make a quilt. 

The messy part. 
Be Back Soon!

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