Sunday, March 5, 2017

Year of The Scrap blocks

Making scrap blocks.

When thinking about my Year or the Scrap project. My first thought was to try to use the smallest scraps I had to make blocks to later turn into a project. I started cutting 1.5" squares 1 by 1 with a Sizzix die that only cut one square. Of course, it will cut 8 thicknesses of fabric in one pass.

I decided on a block with strips of fabric made up of 5 1.5 inch squares, each separated by a 5 inch strip of white, like so... You can see the result above.

I also had a die that cuts 1.5 inch strips. I decided to utilize this to cut squares more quickly. I laid the scraps vertically and ran them through the machine, then folded them and laid them horizontally and made another pass.

Let the chain piecing begin. First pairs, then sew 2 pairs, then add one square onto the strip of 4 squares.

Sew white stripe between the rows of squares and you see the result above.

I had a great thought that I know is not original, I would square up my blocks using my 5" square die.

I now have a stack of 35 blocks. I want to make 72 and use a background square between each. This should yield a quilt that is about 67 x 67. Whew, I have a long way to go.

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