Sunday, March 5, 2017

Year of The Scrap blocks

Making scrap blocks.

When thinking about my Year or the Scrap project. My first thought was to try to use the smallest scraps I had to make blocks to later turn into a project. I started cutting 1.5" squares 1 by 1 with a Sizzix die that only cut one square. Of course, it will cut 8 thicknesses of fabric in one pass.

I decided on a block with strips of fabric made up of 5 1.5 inch squares, each separated by a 5 inch strip of white, like so... You can see the result above.

I also had a die that cuts 1.5 inch strips. I decided to utilize this to cut squares more quickly. I laid the scraps vertically and ran them through the machine, then folded them and laid them horizontally and made another pass.

Let the chain piecing begin. First pairs, then sew 2 pairs, then add one square onto the strip of 4 squares.

Sew white stripe between the rows of squares and you see the result above.

I had a great thought that I know is not original, I would square up my blocks using my 5" square die.

I now have a stack of 35 blocks. I want to make 72 and use a background square between each. This should yield a quilt that is about 67 x 67. Whew, I have a long way to go.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Year of the SCRAP

My first post in a while. Thank you to anyone who stops by. I know the year has been "in progress" for over 2 months now, but, I have declared 2017 the "Year of the Scrap" in my house. 

I had some "Christmas money" and, of course, it would go to quilting tools and/or supplies. I had been thinking about a die cutting machine for some time. So, I did some online research (shopping) and decided on a Sizzix Machine. The hard part was which one. The Big Shot takes 6" wide dies. The larger Big Shot Plus will take up to 12". So, I went Big, or Big Plus I should say. 

This was the start of the "Year of the Scrap". I am a little bit frugal (cheap) so I decided I would use the Sizzix to bust a large portion of my scraps into usable pieces and turn those into quilts. 

This is how I justified the cost in my own head. I wouldn't buy fabric this year. That rule has a few exceptions that include: Background fabric (solid or other), as well as anything Carolyn Friedlander or Kate Spain. There will probably be other exceptions. I just ordered a great solid bundle of modern solids from Craftsy. Another exception will be sale items from my LQSs. 

Now, scrappy is a bit hard for me. I try to make sure the colors blend and that there are not 2 pieces from the same color family next to each other; You get it. Doesn't make much since because I really like scrappy quilts. 

I have read from some of the scrap quilting guru's out there that you should save any scrap that is 1.5 inches square or larger. I made this my rule. I also decided that i would try to get the largest piece possible from each individual scrap up to 5" square. That may change. 

I have discovered a few things since starting this year long project. 
1. Scrap busting is really messy.
2. Quilting is messy but scrap quilting is REALLY messy.
3. Scraps grow.
4. It takes a lot of 1.5" pieces to make a quilt. 

The messy part. 
Be Back Soon!